Points & Referral System — Phase 1 Modified

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2 min readMar 13, 2024


In our previous article, Points & Referral System, we mentioned the chains our Phase 1 would include and the TVL cap numbers as well.

With the recent announcement about our mainnet beta launch, our Points & Referral system is being modified. How so? Let us explain.


LPs can add liquidity and earn points until the TVL reaches a cap, which is now $30,000 to start with.
Previously, we quoted that the TVL cap would be $100,000, with it being divided into 3 chains:

Polygon — $20,000

Arbitrum — $30,000

Ethereum — $50,000

But now, as we would be launching on Arbitrum only, our TVL Cap would be $30,000.

1.25x Multiplier

Our OG Explorers who have been providing liquidity in the A51/MATIC pool will get a 1.25x multiplier on their points.

Points to Remember

The program will consist of several phases. After each phase:

  1. TVL cap will increase.
  2. 25% points decrease per $1 of liquidity provided or managed.

Phase 1 Summary

TVL cap ➡️ $30,000

Chain➡️ Arbitrum

Referral bonus ➡️ Additional 10% of the referred users’ points

Referrals links that can be generated / user ➡️ 5

20 points bonus will be granted for using someone’s referral link.

Head over to the Moon Rock Hunt (Phase 1) Leaderboard.



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