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2 min readMar 6, 2024


What is the A51 Points and Referral System?

The A51 points system is for the protocol users to earn points by:

  1. Providing liquidity through the A51 app
  2. Creating and managing liquidity provisioning strategies

The A51 referral system is for the protocol users who refer A51 to their friends and receive a referral bonus when their friends earn points by using the protocol.

Users can track their points on the leaderboard available on the A51 app.

How it will work?

Who can participate?

Anyone can be a liquidity provider and strategy manager and participate to earn points through protocol usage and referral.

The process:

  1. LPs can add liquidity and earn points until the TVL reaches a cap, that is, $100,000 to start with.
  2. LPs providing liquidity in the A51/MATIC pool will get a 1.25x multiplier on their points.
  3. The program will consist of several phases. After each phase:
  • TVL cap will increase.
  • 25% points decrease per $1 of liquidity provided or managed.

Points to remember:

  1. The program will run for 2–3 months.
  2. It will be divided into several phases.

Chains available in Phase 1 include:

  • Ethereum
  • Arbitrum
  • Polygon

Chains available from Phase 2 onwards include:

  • All Phase 1 chains
  • More L1s (TBA)
  • L2s (TBA)

Note: Phase duration, cap, and points can be tweaked based on user feedback.

Use of points

The points you collect will be converted to an A51 token drop after the program ends.

Phase 1

TVL cap ➡️ $100,000

  • Ethereum — $50,000
  • Arbitrum — $30,000
  • Polygon — $20,000

Referral bonus ➡️ Additional 10% of the referred users’ points

Referrals links that can be generated / user ➡️ 5

Learn about Phase 1 updated details here!

LPs and strategy managers can earn more points than are available when other users use their referral links to add liquidity.

Head over to the Moon Rock Hunt (Phase 1) Leaderboard.



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