Moon Rock Hunt — Leaderboard Walkthrough

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2 min readMar 28, 2024


The leaderboard displays the points that you earn through the Moon Rock Hunt. Anyone can become a protocol user and earn points (aka moon rocks) by:

  1. Creating LP strategies
  2. Providing liquidity
  3. Referring it to friends

To access the leaderboard, go to the Moon Rocks tab on the top navigation bar.

On the Moon Rocks page, you can see 3 tabs:

  1. Leaderboard
  2. My Breakdown
  3. How it Works


The Leaderboard tab displays a table enlisting:

  1. Ranks
  2. Wallet Addresses
  3. Liquidity Points
  4. Strategy Points
  5. Referral Points
  6. Total Points

You can sort the column view to see the points in ascending or descending order.

My Breakdown

This tab filters and displays information about your points only.

  1. Your rank among all the wallets
  2. Your liquidity points
  3. Your referral points
  4. Your strategy points

Beneath it, you can view the breakdown of your liquidity points in pools (if you added liquidity into more than one pool) and your AUM (Asset Under Management) in each pool.

How it Works

You can find everything you should know about the Moon Rock Hunt here along with the frequently asked questions.



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