How to Become a Strategy Creator on A51 Finance

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4 min readMar 14, 2024


This is a guide to all the features you will come across on the A51 app while creating an LP strategy.

Once you land on the A51 app, connect your wallet.

Navigate to the strategy creation page by clicking Create Strategy on the top navigation bar or by clicking the Create Strategy button on the All Strategies page.

🪜This will lead you to a series of steps you need to follow to successfully create a strategy.

Select Tokens

  • From the drop-down menu select the tokens you want to create a strategy for.
  • Select the fee tier.
    This is the fee you would earn when trading happens in this pool. Each pool has a different fee tier(s) depending on the DEX on which it exists.
  • Select a pool from the given pools on different DEXes listed below.

Click Next to proceed.

Select Market Mode

Based on your speculation about the tokens you are depositing and your market knowledge, decide which mode is best for you. For more details on market modes, head over to:

Click Next to proceed.

Set a Price Range

  • Select the price range.
    Set a minimum and maximum price range by manually adjusting the range on the liquidity graph or entering the numbers below.
  • Set a price deviation.
    The price deviation threshold is the minimum and maximum price below and above the price range you set.
  • Set a rebalance frequency.
    Determine how many times you want the protocol to rebalance your liquidity position before it pauses rebalancing.
  • Choose whether you want to compound your fees or claim it right away. Compounding means to reinvest the fee generated from your strategy usage. It’s a long-term investment to increase your yield.
    By selecting “Claim Your Fees” you can claim your fee right away when it is generated.

️Click Next to proceed.

General Details

  • Add general details about your strategy like the name and description.
    Write a brief description of your strategy, outlining its objectives and any key information that distinguishes it.
  • Choose if you want to keep your strategy private or public.
    By making it public, you are inviting other LPs to deposit liquidity using your strategy.
    Keeping it private will make it visible only to you.
  • Set a management fee and a performance fee.
    Management fee — The fee you charge upfront from the capital that LP is depositing using your strategy.
    Performance fee — The fee you receive every time an LP generates profits using your strategy.
  • Connect your X account if you want.

Click Next to proceed.

🔍Review all the details at each step and edit✏️ if required.

Click Confirm Strategy to save it.✅

You can see your strategy listed on the All Strategies page.



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