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1 min readMar 15, 2024


LRT Vaults on A51

A51 offers its users LRT (Liquid Restaking Token) vaults to add liquidity into.

These are A51-managed vaults and provide a bundle of points and yield to LPs who choose to deposit liquidity into these vaults.

The LRT vault available on the A51 app is weETH/ETH.

LRT Points Bundle💰

✨ The exciting thing about depositing liquidity to an LRT vault is that you will earn points in a lot of ways:

1️⃣ LRT protocol points
The protocols offer points upon depositing liquidity in the form of their LRT asset. Your LRT assets will also keep accumulating EigenLayer points.

2️⃣ A51 points
You will be granted points for using the A51 app.

3️⃣ ETH staking yield
ETH beacon chain yield will automatically accrue on your LRT asset of choice.

4️⃣ Restaking yield
EigenLayer restaking yield is coming soon.

5️⃣ Swap fees
As an LP, you will earn the fee generated as a result of trading.

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