Unipilot x YDragon

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2 min readSep 11, 2021

Unipilot joins hands with YDragon.

We are excited to announce a partnership with YDragon, which is a crypto index platform with cross-chain capabilities and yield-generation opportunities.
With their cross-chain index funds, it is a real possibility that $PILOT could be a part of that, allowing greater exposure to the $PILOT token.
Similarly, the Pilot protocol can have a vault to auto-manage liquidity of the Ydragon token, allowing it to be part of the Pilot index fund.
This partnership opens up an array of possibilities that we’re excited about.

About YDragon

YDragon is a cryptocurrency index platform offering you a range of opportunities to own a diverse selection of the best performing and most promising cryptocurrencies with a single token. Armed with market-leading cross-chain capabilities and yield-generation opportunities, YDragon offers you a seamless, cross-chain, multi-asset experience.

Not only do investors get diversified exposure to the best of what’s offered on a selection of blockchains, but they also have the added luxury of benefiting from the most trusted and lucrative yield farming protocols around, ensuring a passive income on your investment.

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Next Steps:

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