Unipilot May 2023 recap

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2 min readJun 1, 2023

Let’s see what was achieved at Unipilot over the past month!

At Unipilot we keep building so you can earn sustainable yield with ease across multiple chains and DEXs in our optimized liquidity vaults! Let’s look at how we grew in May 2023.

Launched on QuickSwap V3

It goes without saying that the key event of May was our expansion to QuickSwap V3, our second DEX after Uniswap V3. With this, our community can now easily earn sustainable yield from the top DEX on Polygon! You can visit our QuickSwap dApp at quickswap.unipilot.io.

We are working on deepening and broadening our relationship with QuickSwap, and will have more on this front very soon!

UPDATE: As of 1 June, Unipilot is also live on Quickswap V3 on the Polygon zkEVM network. See all details here.

New Active vaults

During the month we created multiple new Actively-managed vaults, including MAPLE and PEPE on Ethereum. Find all Ethereum vaults at app.unipilot.io.

Key metrics

  • Unipilot TVL including staking is $3.2m.
  • Unipilot revenue in the month totaled $4,780. As ever, 40% of this is shared with PILOT stakers, giving the token strong utility and allowing our community to share in the growth of Unipilot.

Looking Ahead

Here’s what to expect in the coming weeks and months.

  • New chains: We’ll be expanding to more chains very soon.
  • More DEXs: We’re looking to launch on more DEXs with concentrated liquidity.
  • Partnerships: We’re working on new partnerships.
  • dApp overhaul: Expedite Design are currently revamping the dApp based on feedback from both the Unipilot team and some community members.

Quick Links

Website / dApp / Twitter / Telegram



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