Unipilot March 2023 recap

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2 min readMar 31, 2023


Let’s see what was achieved at Unipilot over the past month!

QuickSwap integration progress

  • Last month (February), our developers finished the code for our QuickSwap integration and it was sent to our auditing partner BlockApex.
  • BlockApex has conducted a 5–6 week audit, which will be completed in the next few days.
  • We aim to integrate QuickSwap in April, opening up an exciting new market for us on Polygon.

TVL: “Up and to the right”

  • The TVL chart continued to go “up and to the right”, driven by growth on the Ethereum chain.
  • Overall TVL (including staking) increased +31% to $3.78m in March.
  • TVL excluding staking grew +27% to $2.89m.
  • Unipilot protocol revenue ramped up +112% to $20,574 in the month.
  • As 40% of revenue is shared with stakers, staking rewards grew accordingly. The other 60% goes to the Unipilot treasury, where it is used to cover protocol expenses.
Source: DefiLlama

Looking Forward

Here’s what to expect in April.

  • New DEXs: We’re set to launch on QuickSwap.
  • New Chains: We’ll be expanding to a new chain.
  • Partnerships: We’ve got at least 1 [big] liquidity partnership coming.
  • Arbitrum AMA: We have an AMA with Arbitrum on 5th April.
  • Pilot Burn: The next quarterly PILOT burn will be held in early April, reducing our FDV.

Looking further ahead, Uniswap has made it clear that it is actively supporting the continued expansion of Uniswap v3 to more chains (see image below), presenting continued growth opportunities to Unipilot.

Extract from recent Uniswap Foundation update: https://uniswapfoundation.mirror.xyz/tr5WYuu4CSrWOXhFS8zJNL1i2gp9Z8kJxIddJM4R2V8

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