Unipilot July 2023 recap

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3 min readAug 2, 2023


Let’s take a look at the latest updates at Unipilot!

July was another busy month for the team at Unipilot, with the devs heads down building to expand the protocol’s reach to more chains and DEXs. The fruits of this labor are set to become apparent in the coming month! Let’s take a look at these one by one.

Uniswap V3: Expansion onto 2 more chains

We don’t forget our roots! We started on Uniswap V3 (Ethereum) and will look to support almost all the chains where the DEX is live. To this end, we are set to launch on Optimism and Avalanche both on Uniswap V3 in August!

Dogechain <> QuickSwap dApp integration

As you know, in May 2023, we added support for QuickSwap vaults on Polygon, Polygon zkEVM and Dogechain through our dApp. QuickSwap also began farming rewards via our Dogechain dApp — on the DD/WWDOGE and DC/WWDOGE pairs.

Now, we are excited to reveal that QuickSwap is set to integrate Unipilot’s Dogechain vaults directly into the QuickSwap dApp. QuickSwap’s integration with Unipilot means active liquidity management is now enabled for Dogechain V3 farms.

Shibes, dragons & pilots can rejoice!

Polygon zkEVM farming to increase real yields

Earlier this month we launched MATIC farming rewards on our QuickSwap Polygon zkEVM dApp on the ETH/USDC Balanced pair. Our LPs are currently earning ~73% APR (7D). Rewards are set to be renewed for the next 3-months too, so if you haven’t yet taken the plunge, now is the time. Add Liquidity here!

New DEXes rolling in!

iZiswap is one of the top DEXs on zkSync Era and offers concentrated liquidity, alongside several farming opportunities to its ecosystem. Our devs are busy putting the finishing touches in place for our launch there, making this both a new chain and a new DEX to our roster of integrations and DeFi footprint. We sent out some teaser tweets too! Follow us on twitter for some more.

Top Secret: 2 more DEXes on BSC are in the pipeline too! 😎

Improved User Interface (UI) to build transparency around LP performance

We have been working on a new and improved UI for Unipilot with a complete overhaul of the Vault stats, Analytics and Positions’ Dashboard to further enhance user experience and better decision-making. Below is a teaser on how the a user’s LP positions’ performance on Unipilot can be seen with respect to its fees eearned (compounded and uncompounded), alongside any impermanent loss suffered (or not), during a pre-defined time period.

Users can review their positions’ performance in a selected time period and can understand the Real Yields for their cumulative positions across Unipilot.

Feature Focus

Deposit liquidity with a single token

Unipilot already makes providing concentrated liquidity so easy your grandma could do it. But we’re always looking to improve, and we will shortly be adding the ability to add liquidity with one token. This means you will no longer need to have the correct ratio of tokens in your wallet to add liquidity — simply deposit one of the tokens and behind the scenes the protocol will swap it into the required ratio before adding liquidity — simple!

Referral functionality

Our community members are our growth ambassadors! We are in the process of launching a referral functionality where each community member can generate a unique referral link for each vault and can share them to their networks. Referrers will receive additional revenue share from the liquidity deposits that came into the vault through that unique referral link.

Key Stats

  • Unipilot TVL including staking is $1.67m.
  • Unipilot revenue in the month totaled $1,725, with a decline associated to falling volumes and prices in the crypto markets, alongside some drop in TVL in some altcoin vaults; some of the community vaults also stayed out-of-range. We are now launching an automated reporting system on out-of-range vault which will help us bring in further capital efficiency through even keeping community vaults in range, ourselves.
  • As always, 40% of this revenue is shared with PILOT stakers. You can stake your PILOT here.

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