Unipilot February 2023 recap

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2 min readFeb 28, 2023

Let’s see what was achieved at Unipilot over the past month!

QuickSwap integration progress

  • On 13th February, our developers finished the code for our QuickSwap integration and it was sent to our auditing partner BlockApex.
  • QuickSwap offers concentrated liquidity and it’s a great opportunity to expand our liquidity management outside of Uniswap v3.
  • QuickSwap is offering at a mimimum strong cross-marketing support and potentially a full integration of Unipilot on their dApp! Either way, it opens up an exicting new market for us.

Arbitrum Launch

  • On 25th February, we expanded to Arbitrum. We’re now live on three chains and will look to launch on Optimism next.
  • TVL on Arbitrum has surpassed $500k after just 3 days. We’re discussing potential partnerships with a few projects already.


  • On 20th February we lowered the protocol fee on our Ethereum dApp from 20% to 10%. This new lower fee is inline with the 10% fee on all other chains. As a reminder, this fee is used to cover protocol expenses and reward PILOT stakers.
  • Check out our refreshed website which has new sections on the networks and exchanges we support as well as a new partnership page.

“It’s the ̶e̶c̶o̶n̶o̶m̶y̶ TVL, stupid”

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten your favorite metric!

  • TVL remained on an upward trajectory despite a user removing a whopping $700k position (after making $23k of profit from fees earned during 16 days of using Unipilot!).
  • Overall TVL including Staking increased +19% to $2.89m in February, helped by growth on the Ethereum chain and the launch on Arbitrum.
  • TVL excluding Staking rose +26% to $2.27m.
  • Three days post-launch, Arbitrum TVL is already above $500k.
  • Unipilot protocol revenue grew +29% to $9,660 in the month. This is likely to rise rapidly next month as the impact of the higher TVL takes effect.
Source: DefiLlama

Looking Forward

  • Our QuickSwap contract is currently being audited by BlockApex, who we have found take their time to do thorough and lengthy audits. We estimate to launch on QuickSwap in March, pushing into April if we face any unforeseen delays.
  • In terms of networks, Optimism will be our next port of call. We expect to deploy there in March/April.
  • Another major growth opportunity for us is the possible deployment/fork of Uniswap v3 on the Binance Smart Chain sometime after March.

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