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5 min readNov 19, 2021

Unipilot is launching on Ethereum Mainnet today, and we want to help liquidity providers deposit their liquidity with ease. For that purpose, we have prepared a tutorial for you.

Adding liquidity

There are two approaches to depositing your liquidity in the Unipilot protocol:

1. Through Unipilot

The first method is useful if you already have the token pair in your wallet and want to add liquidity directly.

  • Head over to the ‘Liquidity’ tab and select the Pair of tokens you want to add liquidity in.
  • Select the Fee Tier you want to add liquidity in; you can add liquidity in 0.01%, 0.05%, 0.3% or a 1% Fee Tier. (Unipilot will automatically select the optimum fee tier for you, or you can manually set it per your preference.)
  • Select the amount of each token you want to add liquidity in and click on add liquidity when ready.

2. Migrating from other protocols

The second method to adding liquidity is direct migration from other protocols. Right now, we support direct migrations from Uniswap V2, Uniswap V3, SushiSwap, Lixir Finance, Visor Finance, and Popsicle Finance.

Head over to the ‘Migrate’ Tab on the DApp.

If you are migrating from Uniswap V3, you will use the ‘Position NFTs’ tab to migrate your Uniswap V3 Position NFT.

If you are migrating from Uniswap V2, Sushiswap, Lixir Finance, Visor Finance, or Popsicle Finance, you will use the ‘LP Tokens’ tab. If you cannot find your LP Tokens detected, you can click on the ‘Import It’ link to manually add your liquidity from one of these protocols.

After you add your liquidity, you will receive a PILOT NFT (ERC-721) according to your contribution per vault.

Managing Liquidity Positions

Once you have added liquidity on the Unipilot protocol, you can view your positions by heading over to the ‘Positions’ tab.

By clicking on the specific position, you can perform the following operations:

  • View current liquidity
  • View/Claim accumulated Fees
  • Remove/Increase Liquidity

View/Claim Accumulated Fees

You can view your accumulated fees here.
When ready, you can collect your accumulated fees via 2 routes:

  1. Collect as PILOT Tokens: Collect 95% of your earned fees in the Pilot tokens (5% will go to the index fund).
    Only available for whitelisted pools.
  2. Collect as Token Pair: Collect 85% of your earned fees (15% will go to the index fund).

Increase Liquidity

Increasing liquidity in your position is as easy as clicking on ‘Increase Liquidity’, adding the desired amount of additional liquidity, and pressing ‘increase liquidity’.

Removing Liquidity

Similarly, you can remove your liquidity by clicking the ‘remove liquidity’ button and manually adjusting the percentage of liquidity you want to remove.

Rebase Liquidity Range

In case the liquidity of a pool goes out of range, someone must rebase the range to reflect the price changes. In case of such an event, the liquidity position listed in the ‘Positions’ tab would display ‘Needs rebase’ in red.

If you are lucky, you can get a chance to rebase the position according to the updated price. The gas fee incurred in such a transaction will be refunded to you, in addition to a premium, in $PILOT tokens.

Yield Farming

Using the Unipilot protocol comes with the additional benefit of Yield Farming. In order to participate in Yield Farming, go to the ‘Farming’ tab.

Staking an NFT

You can compare the different rewards and APRs for token pairs, and/or go ahead and stake your NFT for Farming rewards.

  • Locate the Pair in which you have provided liquidity and select the appropriate NFT for that position.
  • Click ‘Approve Unipilot NFT’ and then ‘Stake NFT’.

Claiming Rewards and Unstaking

With the passage of time, you will accrue rewards in $PILOT tokens. In order to claim them, you can follow a few simple steps.

  • Locate the token pair in which you staked the NFT; you can select the ‘Staked Only’ toggle for ease. Select the appropriate NFT for the position you are claiming rewards for.
  • Click ‘Claim Reward’ and your rewards will be deposited in your wallet.
  • You can continue to accrue rewards, or ‘Unstake NFT’ to receive back your NFT and stop accruing rewards.

Next Steps:

Here are some quick links to get updated with the happenings in Pilot Protocol.



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