Pilots, Unleash the Doges! Dogechain Farming is Live on Unipilot!

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2 min readJun 21, 2023

Come and grab a treat, Doges!

Doges, it’s time to come and gather for a tasty treat! Unipilot is excited to launch Dogechain farming on our Quickswap V3 dapp!

How do I pawticipate?

  1. Head over to our dApp at quickswap.unipilot.io and change the network to Dogechain.
  2. Search for the $WWDOGE / $DC pair or nagivate directly to it using this link. If you don’t hold these tokens, you can acquire them on QuickSwap.
  3. Add liquidity.
  4. Head to the Farming tab and stake your LP tokens.
  5. That’s it, you’ll now begin earning sweet farming rewards* paid in $DD (Doge Dragon).

*APR is calculated using the formula: RewardPerDay * Token price in $ / farm TVL * 365

The launch of farming rewards on Unipilot’s Quickswap V3 dApp represents a new era in the relationship between Unipilot, Dogechain and Quickswap; one which we hope to grow deeper over time.

What is Unipilot?

Unipilot is a DEX liquidity manager that is live on multiple chains and DEXs, enabling you to earn sustainable yield with ease. Unipilot optimizes the LP experience by:

  • Selecting the optimal range for liquidity
  • Auto compounding earned fees to increase returns
  • Rebalancing the position back into range when necessary (Actively-managed vaults only) so you never stop earning.

What is QuickSwap V3?

QuickSwap V3 is a decentralized exchange which offers innovative features such as concentrated liquidity and dynamic fees.

QuickSwap V3 is the top DEX by TVL on all chains where it is live: Polygon (PoS), Polygon zkEVM and Dogechain! As with many other DEXs today, it is based on technology from Algebra.

What is Dogechain?

Dogechain is an EVM-compatible Polygon Edge-based blockchain with the intention of increasing Dogecoin’s utility. The platform enables Web3 functionality, such as accessing DeFi platforms, using Dogecoin.

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