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3 min readFeb 25, 2023


Unipilot experienced significant growth following its expansion to Polygon in October 2022. In November, Unipilot TVL increased +240%, revenue rose +265% and the number of active positions surged more than +700%.

Arbitrum Time!

Now its time to take this a step further. We are excited to announce that Unipilot is NOW LIVE on Arbitrum, a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum.

Arbitrum is currently the fourth-largest chain by TVL, ahead of both Polygon and Optimism. In terms of 24hr volume, however, it is currently in second place behind only Ethereum!

Chains by 24hr volume. Source: DefiLlama

With our expansion, you can now use Unipilot to manage and optimize Uniswap v3 liquidity on Arbitrum, benefitting from the high volume-to-TVL ratio on the network.

As a reminder, Unipilot will select the optimal range for your capital, autocompound earned fees back into active liquidity regularly and rebalance your position (Active vaults) when necessary.

Which vaults are available?

The following Actively-managed vaults are live now. These pairs were selected due to their popularity on Uniswap v3.

Additional vaults will be added in the coming days and weeks, including Narrow and Wide variants, and users can still add any pair as a Community vault at any time. We are also working on some Arbitrum partnerships!

Improved Strategy

With our expansion to Arbitrum we have also launched a new, improved strategy tool for Unipilot. This smarter tool takes into account more data when backtesting and runs numerous scenarios in search of the most profitable range with consideration of fees earned and impermanent loss.

Full technical details will be added to the Litepaper shortly.


What about staking rewards?

Revenue earned by Unipilot on Arbitrum and other networks will be shared with stakers as WETH on Ethereum. Therefore, if you have already staked PILOT, you don’t have to do anything to earn your share of revenues from Arbitrum. Nice!

How do I add the Arbitrum network to my wallet?

Check this guide here. You can bridge assets to Arbitrum using the official bridge or a third-party bridge such as Across.

How do I access the dApp?

The link is exactly the same, simply change the network in the dropdown menu to Arbitrum.

How do I pay for gas?

Gas fees on the Arbitrum network are paid for using ETH.

What is the protocol fee on Arbitrum?

As with all other chains, Unipilot will take a 10% cut of fees earned on Arbitrum. This revenue is used to cover protocol expenses, to reward PILOT stakers and to add protocol-owned liquidity.

What’s next for Unipilot?

Next on the roadmap is expanding to QuickSwap and Optimism. The QuickSwap code is already being audited by BlockApex.

About Unipilot

Unipilot is a Uniswap v3 liquidity manager which keeps liquidity in an optimal range so you can earn higher returns and save on gas. PILOT stakers earn their share of protocol revenue paid in ETH. Find out more.

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