Pilots, let’s enter the zkSync era with iZUMi

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Unipilot has recently expanded to numerous new chains and our second DEX, QuickSwap. But we don’t stop there…

Enter iZUMi

Now it’s time to progress to the next level and enter the zkSync era by launching on iZUMi.

What is iZUMi?

iZUMi Finance is a DeFi protocol providing one-stop Liquidity as a Service (LaaS), dedicated to building a top DEX and providing liquidity service on ZK-rollups and multi-chains.

Website: https://izumi.finance/home


iZiSwap is an AMM-driven orderbook DEX on zkRollups and multi-chains that has long been anticipated for, proudly presented by Izumi Finance. iZiswap offers concentrated liquidity provision through which users can provide liquidity in custom ranges and achive capital efficiency.

Key Details
The following iZUMi Finance vaults are now live. To get started, simply head to the Unpilot dApp and select the pair for which you’d like to add liquidity.

A Narrow vault is more concentrated than a Balanced vault; it typically offers higher LP fee returns but can face more impermanent loss during periods of volatility

You can get started right away at izumi.unipilot.io

What is zkSync?

zkSync Era is a Layer-2 protocol that scales Ethereum with cutting-edge ZK tech. zkSync’s mission is not only to increase Ethereum’s throughput but to fully preserve its foundational values — freedom, self-sovereignty and decentralization — at scale.

What is Unipilot?

Unipilot is a DEX liquidity manager that is live on multiple chains and DEXs, enabling you to earn sustainable yield with ease. Unipilot optimizes the LP experience by selecting the optimal range for liquidity, auto compounding earned fees to increase returns and rebalancing the position back into range when necessary (Actively-managed vaults only) so you never stop earning

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