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4 min readJun 1, 2023


Just days ago, we united Pilots & Dragons by expanding Unipilot’s concentrated liquidity management services to QuickSwap V3 on Polygon PoS (Proof of Stake). 🐉


Today, we are ready to double down on this innovative DEX by launching on QuickSwap V3 on the Polygon zkEVM network!

Deploying on zkEVM demonstrates Unipilot’s drive to be an early adopter and be present where future growth will occur. Note that Uniswap V3 is set to be deployed on Polygon zkEVM in the future too!

TVL on Polygon zkEVM has started to ramp up significantly, with QuickSwap dominating.

Polygon zkEVM TVL has started to ramp up in recent months. Source: DefiLlama

Let’s dive into all the key details around Polygon zkEVM, Unipilot and QuickSwap V3.

What is Polygon zkEVM?

Polygon zkEVM is a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum that leverages the scaling power of zero-knowledge proofs while maintaining Ethereum compatibility.

How does Polygon zkEVM differ from Polygon PoS?

Polygon PoS (Proof of Stake) relies on a set of validators that participate in the PoS consensus mechanism to validate and confirm transactions on the sidechain. Polygon zkEVM uses a Consensus Contract that supports permissionless participation of multiple coordinators (Sequencers and Aggregators) to produce and validate batches in L2.

While both Polygon PoS and Polygon zkEVM provide Layer 2 scaling solutions for Ethereum, they differ in their architecture, consensus mechanisms, data availability options, and implementation details. Learn more here.

What is Unipilot?

Unipilot is a DEX liquidity manager that is live on multiple chains and DEXs, enabling you to earn sustainable yield with ease. Unipilot optimizes the LP experience by:

  • Selecting the optimal range for liquidity
  • Auto compounding earned fees to increase returns
  • Rebalancing the position back into range when necessary (Actively-managed vaults only) so you never stop earning

What is QuickSwap V3?

QuickSwap V3 is a decentralized exchange which offers innovative features such as concentrated liquidity and dynamic fees.

  • Dynamic Fees: Rather than LP fees being fixed, they fluctuate depending on market volatility. When the market is volatile, trading fees increase to reward LPs for the risk they take. Conversely, when the market is stable, a lower fee encourages trades to take place.
    Dynamic fees also enables a “one pool” approach, removing the issue of liquidity being split across multiple pools with different fee tiers, creating a more efficient market.
  • Concentrated Liquidity: By allowing users to select discrete ranges for their liquidity, not only do LPs have more choice, capital efficiency can also improve significantly, boosting returns for LPs and reducing slippage for traders.

QuickSwap V3 is the top DEX by TVL on all chains where it is live: Polygon (PoS), Polygon zkEVM and Dogechain! As with many other DEXs today, it is based on technology from Algebra Protocol.

What does this integration mean for you?

With this integration Unipilot is launching support for vaults on QuickSwap V3 on the Polygon zkEVM network, enabling users to earn sustainable yield with ease across multiple optimized liquidity vaults.

Unipilot now supports 2 of the 3 networks where QuickSwap V3 is live, and will soon add support for the third — Dogechain! 🐶

How do I get involved?

Simply visit quickswap.unipilot.io and change the network in the dropdown menu to Polygon zkEVM! As a side note, our Uniswap v3 management dApp can be found at app.unipilot.io.


The following Actively managed vaults are live now. To find them, simply visit quickswap.unipilot.io and change the network to Polygon zkEVM.

Remember, because Unipilot is universal you can easily create a vault for any pair that exists on QuickSwap V3 without centralized permission.


How do I pay for gas?

On the Polygon zkEVM network, gas is paid with ETH. To move assets over to Polygon zkEVM, check out the official Polygon bridge.

What about staking rewards?

Revenue earned by Unipilot across all chains and DEXs where we are live is shared with PILOT stakers as WETH on the Ethereum network. You can stake PILOT here.

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