Pilots, enter the Dragon! 🐉

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3 min readMay 23, 2023

It’s time to expand to the hottest DEX on Polygon.


Unipilot is a concentrated liquidity manager that has been live on Uniswap v3 for over 1 year, currently supporting four chains. It is our aim to provide concentrated liquidity management services on all reputable DEXs that offer the concentrated liquidity feature.

Enter The Dragon 🐉

We’re super excited to announce our first expansion outside of Uniswap. Unipilot is now live on QuickSwap V3, the hottest DEX on Polygon.

Since its launch in late 2022, QuickSwap V3 TVL has risen to $60m+, likely due to a combination of high activity on the growing Polygon network and the innovative features offered by the DEX such as concentrated liquidity and dynamic fees.

  • Dynamic Fees: Rather than LP fees being fixed (eg. at 0.3% or 1% as on Uniswap v3), they fluctuate between ~0.1% and ~0.15% depending on market volatility.
    When the market is volatile, trading fees increase to reward LPs for the risk they take. Conversely, when the market is stable, a lower fee encourages trades to take place. Fees also vary by pair, with lower fees for stable assets and higher fees for volatile assets.
    Dynamic fees also enables a “one pool” approach, removing the issue of liquidity being split across multiple pools with different fee tiers, creating a more efficient market.
  • Concentrated Liquidity: By allowing users to select discrete ranges for their liquidity, not only do LPs have more choice, capital efficiency can also improve significantly, boosting returns for LPs and reducing slippage for traders.

This is where Unipilot comes in. Unipilot enhances the experience of liquidity providers on concentrated liquidity DEXs by:

  • Selecting the optimal range for capital
  • Compounding earned fees to increase earning potential
  • Rebalancing positions back into range when necessary

To learn more about how Unipilot works, visit unipilot.io.

Key Details

The following QuickSwap V3 pairs are now live. To get started, simply head to the Unpilot dApp and select the pair for which you’d like to add liquidity.

A Narrow vault is more concentrated than a Balanced vault; it typically offers higher LP fee returns but can face more impermanent loss during periods of volatility

QuickSwap is already providing cross marketing support, and in the near future our vaults are set to be integrated in QuickSwap’s own dApp and farms.

Quickswap V3 uses technology from Algebra Protocol, and Unipilot is exploring launches on additional DEXs which use this innovative code.


Which network is Quickswap V3 on?

Unipilot has launched support for Quickswap V3 on Polygon. QuickSwap also supports Polygon zkEVM and Dogechain, two chains which Unipilot will also expand to soon.

How do I access the dApp?

Visit quickswap.unipilot.io

How do I pay for gas?

On the Polygon network, gas is paid with MATIC tokens. To move assets over to Polygon, check out the official Polygon bridge or use Across.to.

What about staking rewards?

Revenue earned by Unipilot across all chains and DEXs where we are live is shared with PILOT stakers as WETH on the Ethereum network. You can stake PILOT here.

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