Pilot | $10,000 Competition Activated

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2 min readSep 11, 2021

Round 1: Mission Genesis

  • Starts Monday, September 13 at 3 PM UTC and ends October 3rd at 3 PM UTC
  • Overall $10,000 will be distributed during the whole testnet competition.


  1. Test the dapp including the user interface and experience.
  2. Test the protocol by adding liquidity in any ETH/Token pair.
  3. Test the protocol by adding liquidity with Token/Token pair.
  4. Test the captain bot by managing a vault with 1k (Token qty) liquidity.
  5. Test the dapp by locking the liquidity for at least 4 days.
  6. Test the dapp by accumulating fees.


The total rewards in $PILOT allocated to this round are $4,000

  1. 10x Rewards — Most fees earned — ( $200 each )
  2. 10x Rewards — Most pools rebased — ( $50 each )
  3. 10x Rewards — Most liquidity added with ETH/Token — ( $100 each )
  4. 10x Rewards — UI/UX accepted improvements/suggestions/bugs ( $50 each )

* The core team will decide the final winners and criteria may be changed without any notice.

How to take part in the competition

Walkthrough Video:



Whitelisted Tokens:

Here are the whitelisted tokens which are eligible for rewards in the competition.

USDT :  0x4f9a508c77569f691eece0dfbd2f81a3d55d04e8
USDC : 0xfb32241da20304372402a205e611d74407913cff
WBTC : 0xe790361fa7221a3ea886d7cc07d1ee38654deb99
WETH : 0xc778417e063141139fce010982780140aa0cd5ab
DAI : 0xc041653c58cb138ec94b3ed1d63d0e8e57d125a7
UNI : 0x6f4a3267d6dc10e9675f43e379b283b2891f0ef4
PILOT : 0x22bf7a840568514449ebc008926b5ff8cb43fea8

Go to https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap on rinkeby network to buy tokens.

Whitelisted Pools:

Here are the whitelisted pools which are eligible for rewards in competition

UNI/ETH :   0.3%
USDT/ETH : 0.3%
DAI/ETH : 0.3%
ETH/USDC : 0.3%
ETH/WBTC : 0.3%
UNI/USDT : 0.3%
USDT/WBTC : 0.3%
DAI/USDT : 0.05%
PILOT/ETH : 0.3%


The leaderboard app is going live in few days where you can see your rank and where others stand right now.
https://leaderboard.unipilot.io/ (Coming soon)

Captain Bot:

Specific rewards of up to $500 for users who become a captain and help in readjusting the pools by simply running Captain bot.
The code can be found here with instructions on running it.

Upcoming Missions

Round 2: Mission Maxima

Round 3: Mission End Game

Next Steps:

Here are some quick links to get updated with the happenings in Pilot Protocol.



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