Pilot Protocol: Redefining Liquidity Optimization

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3 min readMay 28, 2021

We recently launched Unipilot v1 with a record time of releasing the dapp in just a month, what started merely as a thought while reading Uniswap v3 blog back in April is now turning into something truly powerful.
Read more about the inception of Unipilot here.

We initially started with the idea of providing users with a dapp that they can use to put their liquidity in the most optimized range.

While we were building this, we realized this feature, while extremely helpful, is not enough.

Even if you provide liquidity in the most optimized range

  • You still need to constantly monitor it to avoid getting out of range and losing fees.
  • If it’s still in range but not optimized you risk losing a lot of fees.
    The differences between small optimizations can be huge.
    Let’s take an example.
    Imagine you are choosing whether to concentrate liquidity to the
    DAI/USDT pair in the 0.99–1.01 price range, or the 0.9–1.1 range.
    The former range is 10 times more efficient, meaning that if the price spends more than even 20% of its time in that range, that’s a better place to allocate.
  • For every optimization to the range or getting the price in range, the user needs to send a transaction, which yes, you guessed it right means spending more ether on gas fees which honestly no one wants to.

Imagine a platform where on one click you can add liquidity with

  • No more manual oversight.
  • No more worrying about constant optimization.
  • No more spending loads of gas fees for each optimization.

This is what Pilot Protocol is all about.

The Rebranding Of Unipilot

With these exciting features, we felt that there is a need to rebrand for positioning ourselves as the first universal automated liquidity optimizer protocol.

The Logo

The logo represents our Pilot protocol which will allow liquidity providers to always have their liquidity in the most optimal position.
The upward direction shows that their capital will increase in the same upward trajectory over time.

The Website

The Uniplot website will be launched on June 1.
Here is a sneak peek at what it would look like.

The PILOT Token

The PILOT token is a governance/utility token that will be initially distributed to early adopters and can be bought through public/private sale.
The PILOT token is designed in a way that allows the token to be backed by hundreds of tokens. (More on this later)
It will attain further utility with the Pilot protocol as new features are implemented.
More info on token sale will be announced in the coming weeks.

Next Steps:

Here are some quick links to get updated with the happenings in Pilot Protocol.



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