Pilot Development Update | 29 Jan 22

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2 min readJan 29, 2022

$PILOTS, thanks for bearing with us while we’ve been all hands on deck finalizing the protocol upgrade. And what better way to head into February than with some major news on that front.

Testing is complete!

In the last update we revealed that the contract development team had completed the protocol architecture and begun unit testing and regression testing. Now we can reveal that they have also completed the testing process alongside additional gas optimizations. Our engineers are now studying different LP strategies as we continuously seek to maximize returns for our Pilots. The new update will bring multiple liquidity management options for users to choose from; more on that at launch.

Security is paramount!

It’s happening! Last week we submitted the contracts for audit at BlockApex, a company which did a great job with the original audit of Unipilot. They have given us an ETA of mid-February for completion. We really are close now!

Anything new on the front end?

Our dApp engineers have completed development of the UI and partially completed the statistics subgraph, and the integration of the UI with the contracts is under way. The new integrations are being constantly submitted to our QA testers who are testing the dApp from both a UI and contract interaction perspective.

Calling all farmers!

Some of you may have noticed that we recently extended the yield farming program for another month as a thank you to our community. It ain’t much, but its honest work! In the meantime, the team has also finished development of the farming architecture for the new protocol, and it is currently undergoing testing.

Thank you for supporting Unipilot!

We’d like to thank our community for their support on this journey. After succesfully finalizing this protocol upgrade, we will be ready to ramp up the partnership and marketing efforts required for Unipilot to reach our first TVL target of $500m.



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