Pilot Development Update | 15 Jan 22

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2 min readJan 15, 2022

Pilots, it’s been a busy but exciting start to 2022 working on key improvements to the Unipilot protocol. In the two weeks since the last development update, the contract development team has completed the protocol architecture and is now conducting regression testing and unit testing with real life protocol interaction scenarios. As soon as the Devs are satisfied with their tests, we’ll dispatch the codebase to the audit team at BlockApex who will then try to find any vulnerability or additional optimizations to further reduce gas fees.

Meanwhile, the dApp development team has been busy working on the new front end as well as continuously resolving any issues reported to Unipilot support. For those of you with a keen eye to detail, we provide more info on both below:

Contract Development:

  • Completed the implementation of the factory architecture of LP vaults to be deployed each through the factory contract. This will make it much easier and cheaper to keep track of the share held by individual LP’s in each pool.
  • Implementation of active and passive liquidity deposit algorithm.
  • Implementation of active and passive liquidity re-balance algorithm.
  • Code optimizations to reduce gas fees, a key focus of the update.
  • Ideation of Unipilot farming that supports the LP token architecture.
  • Completed implementation of auto-compound feature.
  • Last but not least, the team is actively working on introducing edge cases to the code to thoroughly test the core features of liquidity management.

DApp Development:

  • Completed design and development of farming for Unipilot v2 UI (LP support).
  • Fixed dust tracking issue on subgraph. Majority of such cases are resolved and some are still being worked on.
  • Add 24hrs fees back to the position screen which is currently in beta testing. Once the dust issue is fixed completely, it will go live.
  • Add feedback modal in the dApp UI. This feature will allow users to provide feedback during specific stages of adding or removing liquidity to help us provide the best possible support. This feature is in beta testing.
  • Completed the frontend structure for the upcoming protocol update.
  • Add multiple network support for future compatibility with multiple chains.

Stay tuned for more updates from the team as we edge closer to launching the protocol update which will set the foundations for an epic 2022 for our community!



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