Pilot Development Update | 01 Jan 22

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2 min readJan 1, 2022

Happy New Year Pilots! We recently pushed ahead with our mantra of full transparency by introducing the Live Development Roadmap on Notion. As we work towards the Unipilot protocol update, we will also start to provide regular updates straight from the development team.

So what are we doing?

The main agenda for the protocol update is to make Unipilot less gas-intensive and to eliminate the issues faced by liquidity managers from rapid market fluctuations. The core smart contract development team has started their sprint towards building the architecture and is already testing all features before they can be integrated with the UI.

To introduce auto-compounding to the protocol, a feature which does not exist on Uniswap V3, the team is working on the active and passive liquidity re-balancing mechanism, which in simple terms compounds the fees earned by each position back into active liquidity to maximize the gains and eradicate the “dust” issue.

And what about the Dapp (front end)?

Meanwhile, the Dapp team at Unipilot has been focusing on bringing the best statistical features to users. They already introduced the ROI calculator and daily fees accumulation feature to the Dapp, and worked on the swift transition to the new farming contract. They have since made further improvements to the fee and TVL statistics shown on the Dapp, with the help of feedback provided by the community.

What’s next?

Over the next two weeks, the team is looking to complete the auto-compound feature along with thoroughly testing integration with the Dapp. Let us know on Telegram if you have any more questions. In the meantime, have a great New Year.



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