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2 min readOct 21, 2021

Round 2: Mission Maxima

  • Starts Thursday, October 21st at 3 PM UTC.
  • The total rewards in $PILOT allocated to this round are $2,000


  1. Test the dapp by removing liquidity
  2. Test the dapp by collecting fees in pilot tokens
  3. Test the dapp by collecting fees in native pool tokens
  4. Test the dapp by adding/increasing liquidity


  1. 5 Rewards — Most fees collected in the pilot tokens — ($50 each)
  2. 5 Rewards — Most fees collected in native pool tokens — ($50 each)
  3. 5 Rewards — Most Pilot Burned from index fund dapp — ($50 each)
  4. 5 Rewards — Most Liquidity Add — ($50 each)

* To burn pilot tokens visit https://competition-index.unipilot.io/

* The core team will decide the final winners and criteria may be changed without any notice.

How to take part in the competition

Walkthrough Video:



Whitelisted Tokens:

Here are the whitelisted tokens which are eligible for rewards in the competition.

Here are the whitelisted tokens which are eligible for rewards in the competition.

USDT : 0x07558a7058f18cd30c41b7cb8758d558a1ad787c
USDC : 0xdd474436dfd48b9533d6afe91ce26cb6d2a9319c
WBTC : 0x761ee720748fd6a6e41f49881ecbf7e455ed1cc3
WETH : 0xc778417e063141139fce010982780140aa0cd5ab
DAI : 0xef7b27b9208d19f37dd36bf36221a98ef77b63f1
UNI : 0x96f59ff19259e090efe19285c046c4b4a1d9e399
PILOT: 0x39491ee11ecae251e9649af6635bc23f13befe63

Go to https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap on rinkeby network to buy tokens.

Whitelisted Pools:

Here are the whitelisted pools which are eligible for rewards in competition

UNI/ETH :   0.3%
USDT/ETH : 0.3%
DAI/ETH : 0.3%
ETH/USDC : 0.3%
ETH/WBTC : 0.3%
UNI/USDT : 0.3%
USDT/WBTC : 0.3%
DAI/USDT : 0.05%
PILOT/ETH : 0.3%


The leaderboard app for round 2 will be live in a few days where you can see your rank and where others stand right now.

Captain Bot:

Specific rewards of up to $500 for users who become a captain and help in readjusting the pools by simply running Captain bot.
The code can be found here with instructions on running it.

Upcoming Missions

Round 3: Mission End Game

Next Steps:

Here are some quick links to get updated with the happenings in Pilot Protocol.



A51 Finance | Previously Unipilot

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