Moon Rock Hunt — Phase 2

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1 min readApr 3, 2024


As we are about to enter the second phase of the Moon Rock Hunt, this article will help you spot opportunities to earn moon rocks and become eligible for the $A51 airdrop.

Let’s see what the Phase 2 has in store for the Explorers:

We’re Expanding!

From being solely on Arbitrum, we are now expanding to Blast.

1.25x Multiplier

Our OG Explorers who have been providing liquidity in the A51/MATIC pool will get a 1.25x multiplier on their points.

Points Reduction

Moon Rock Hunt consists of several phases. After the first phase, we have reduced 25% of points per $1 of liquidity provided or managed.

Phase 2 Summary

  • Chain ➡️ Blast
  • Referral bonus ➡️ Additional 10% of the referred users’ points
  • Referrals links that can be generated / user ➡️ 5
  • 20 points bonus will be granted for using someone’s referral link

Head over to the Moon Rock Hunt (Phase 2) Leaderboard.



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