Moon Rock Hunt— How the Referral System Works?

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1 min readMar 16, 2024


Phase 1 of the Moon Rock Hunt is going live on the 16th of March. Through this program, you can earn points (aka moon rocks) in various ways. One of which is the referral system.

Here’s how ALPhy multiplied the moon rocks by referring A51 to his friends:

🪨 ️ALPhy created a liquidity strategy on A51 and added liquidity to it.

Upon doing this, he received 5 referral links. ALPhy copied a link and shared it with his friend, ZALPhy.

🪨 ZALPhy landed on the A51 app and pasted the referral link to redeem it. She received a bonus of 20 moon rocks for joining A51 through the referral link.

Now she decided to add liquidity into one of the vaults on A51. By depositing liquidity, ZALPhy earned moon rocks.

🪨 Since ALPhy referred A51, he also received 10% additional moon rocks on top of what ZALPhy earned by depositing liquidity.

By sharing the remaining referral links with his other friends, ALPhy multiplied his moon rocks to receive even more A51 tokens in the future token drop.

Visit the Moon Rock Hunt (Phase 1) Leaderboard:



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