Modified Plan As We Near the A51 Mainnet Launch

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2 min readMar 13, 2024


The A51 mainnet launch is a few days away.

After carefully considering the preliminary audit results, we have decided to revise the A51 mainnet launch plan that is going live on March 16th.

Why did we decide this?

We received the preliminary audit report highlighting some bugs that have been fixed. With the final audit report still pending, we have decided to scale down the launch plan by launching the A51 mainnet on one chain, Arbitrum, instead of three chains. While we proceed with making the app fully secure, we believe it’s important to minimize as many risks as possible.

The users can earn points by creating LP strategies, providing liquidity, and referring to others. The first phase of the Points & Referral program will now be launched with the following specifications:

  • TVL cap — $30,000
    Phase 1 will end as soon as we hit this cap.
  • Chain — Arbitrum
  • Liquidity cap per wallet — $500

Vaults that will be available:

  1. stETH-ETH
  2. rETH-ETH
  3. eETH-ETH

Read more details on the modified specifications of Phase 1 here.

Insurance Fund

Since it’s a beta launch, we are taking measures to compensate if a bug arises or an exploit occurs.

The funds you put into the protocol are secured by the insurance fund of $30,000 to cover any loss due to an exploit.

Please note that the insurance will not cover any loss due to faulty strategies or impermanent loss.

We are confident that the time for additional auditing will add to the security and robustness of the A51 app.



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