How to Manage Your LP Strategy on A51 Finance

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4 min readMar 14, 2024


This is a guide to all the features you will come across on the A51 app while managing an LP strategy.

Once you land on the A51 app, connect your wallet.

Navigate to your strategy portfolio by clicking Manage Strategies on the top navigation bar.

On the Manage Strategies page, you can see all your strategies/pools with three important metrics:

1️⃣ AUM (Asset Under Management)

2️⃣ PnL (Profit and Loss)

3️⃣ Fee Generated

Click Edit Strategy to make changes to the strategy you want.✏️

On the Edit Strategy page, you will see 3 tabs:

  1. General
  2. Automation
  3. Manual Readjust


✏️This tab gives you 3 edit options:

  1. Edit the strategy name.
  2. Edit the strategy description.
  3. Connect/disconnect your X account.

Click Save to proceed.


This tab has the option to edit all the features that are automated:

Market mode

Selecting a mode is based on your market knowledge and speculation.

If you previously chose Bull mode speculating a bullish trend for an asset, for instance, but now you see a bearish trend for that asset, you can direct A51 to rebalance using the Bear market mode.

Strategy owner

You can change the ownership of the strategy by changing the wallet address.

Management fee & performance fee

You can change your strategy’s management fee and performance fee, increasing or decreasing it based on how it is performing for you.

Rebalance frequency

You can edit how many times you want to rebalance your liquidity position.

Price deviation

You can make changes to the minimum and maximum price deviation using your set price range as a reference.

Click Save to proceed.

Manual Readjust

This tab has the option to edit all the manually adjusted features:

Price range

You can manually readjust the price range of your liquidity position either on the liquidity graph or edit the numbers in the boxes below.

HODL liquidity

If you neither want to withdraw your liquidity nor want to keep it active, you can HODL (hold) it.

It means your liquidity is in the protocol in a dormant state. You can withdraw your HODL liquidity or make it active again using a toggle.

Following are the possible scenarios why would you need to HODL liquidity:
👉🏼When the PnL is way more negative in the liquidity as compared to holding it for a temporary period of the low-volume market.

👉🏼When the liquidity is completely one-sided and the current price is too far ahead, running a rebalance will inflict more loss on the capital due to the conversion of impermanent loss to permanent loss.

👉🏼When you would like to tweak the strategy spreads and don’t want the changes to be directly reflected on the LPs’ capital before they are satisfied with the configurations of the strategy.

👉🏼In the future, with the Exit Strategy feature, through exit price base strategy, a strategy creator can create a sequence in which the LPs’ capital will be HODLed automatically at a set trigger price.

Swap token

You can adjust the ratio of tokens in the position by manually swapping the tokens in any proportion.

Click Save to proceed.



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