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3 min readJul 6, 2024

This article looks back on what we planned to achieve in Q2 2024, how far we’ve come, and our plans for Q3. June marks the end of Q2 and the beginning of Q3. Here are the goals we set for Q2:

  1. Expand to more chains
  2. Ecosystem incentives
  3. Release FOO tokenomics
  4. Partnership with DEXs
  5. List $A51 token on more chains
  6. Unlock advanced modes
  7. List the token on a CEX

Expand to more chains

Our plan was to expand to as many L2s as possible. The Q2 was all about expansions and we’ve expanded to 9 more chains.

  • Blast
  • Scroll
  • Base
  • Optimism
  • Polygon
  • Manta
  • Polygon zkEVM
  • Linea
  • BNB

Ecosystem incentives

We integrated A51 on 5 chains (Arbitrum, Blast, Optimism, Scroll, Base) on Merkl and our users started earning and stacking ecosystem rewards in ARB, OP, UNI, etc.

Release FOO tokenomics

The underlying work for FOO tokenomics and its incentive mechanism has been iterated and finalized in Q2. It is now set to be released on 15 July 2024 as a new incentive mechanism.

Partnership with DEXs

We integrated A51 with 4 more DEXs during Q2 after Uniswap. These are:

  1. BaseSwap
  2. QuickSwap
  3. Fenix
  4. Lynex

The integration of A51’s UI to the interface of these DEXs is in process.

Listed $A51 token on more chains

$A51 token was made accessible to users on Arbitrum.

Unlock advanced modes

One of our goals for Q2 was to release the advanced modes of A51 that include:

  1. Hedging strategies
  2. Exit strategies
  3. Liquidity distribution strategies

However, we needed to enhance the user experience and segregate the dApp for passive and active LPs.

We launched a Yield Supercharger for passive LPs who can add liquidity and let A51 do all the work to earn and stack points and rewards.

The A51 Pro or ALM 2.0 dApp is for active LPs (strategy creators and managers) to craft their LP strategies and fine-tune whenever and however they like to earn and stack rewards.

We also redesigned the A51 website. Check it out here.

List on a centralized exchange

Another goal for Q2 was to list the $A51 token on a centralized exchange that is now moved to Q3 due to greater time consumption in expansions to chains and improving the UX in Q2.

Plans for Q3 2024

Following are the plans for Q2:

  1. Launch FOO tokenomics
  2. Incorporate advanced analytics
  3. Build a liquidity migrator tool
  4. The A51 engine on DEXs
  5. Expand A51 to more DEXs

Launch FOO tokenomics

The launch of FOO tokenomics is scheduled for 15 July 2024.

After extensive research in Q1 and finalization of FOO and incentives mechanism in Q2, FOO tokenomics is all set to launch in early Q3. This will mark the end of the third and final phase of the Moon Rock Hunt followed by a $oA51 token drop.

Details of it will be revealed in the coming week.

Incorporate advanced analytics

To help our users make data-driven decisions, another step that we’re taking is to show the analytics.

On the A51 dApp, users will see the advanced analytics for the liquidity positions, liquidity strategies, and how the dApp performed overall.

Build a liquidity migratory tool

One of the goals for Q3 is to build a liquidity migratory tool.

Through this migratory tool, users can shift their liquidity position from any ALM to A51 instead of creating it from scratch on A51.

The A51 engine on DEXs

In Q3, the following DEXs will integrate the A51 engine for an inclusive experience. The DEXs include:

  1. Fenix
  2. Lynex
  3. BaseSwap

This way, the users of these DEXs can have the A51 experience, that is, the ALM 2.0 custom strategy building, directly through these DEXs.

Expand A51 to more DEXs

Lastly, we aim to integrate A51 on more DEXs after 4 successful integrations in the last quarter. The DEXs that we plan to integrate with include:

  1. Aerodrome
  2. Thruster
  3. SwapMode
  4. KIM Protocol



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