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A51 Finance
2 min readApr 29, 2024

Recently, A51 went live on multiple chains, and our ecosystem expanded fast. Partnerships with new chains and DEXes are still under discussion but before we move on to another announcement, it’s significant to have a detailed look at our current ecosystem rewards.

Chains Integrations

Since our mainnet beta launch, A51 went live on the following chains:

  1. Arbitrum
  2. Blast
  3. Optimism
  4. BNB
  5. Polygon
  6. Scroll
  7. Base

In Q1, we launched the app while being on Arbitrum only. Fast forward to the end of April, and we are live on 7 chains.

By depositing liquidity to pools existing on Uniswap on Blast and Scroll chains, users can earn points from these networks. These are the points in addition to A51’s moon rocks.

Merkl Rewards

Another way to multiply your yield through A51 is by earning Merkl rewards. Following are the chains that A51 supports on Uniswap:

  1. Arbitrum
  2. Blast
  3. Optimism
  4. Base

All you need to do is to:

When Merkl emissions go live, you can claim rewards through the A51 app. Merkl APR is divided among all the AMMs that support that specific vault and chain. The greater the Merkl APR, the higher the rewards allocation.

LRTs and Points Stacking

LRT vaults offer points and rewards in bundles. Currently, there is one LRT vault on the A51 app, weETH/ETH. If you add liquidity to an LRT vault, you receive a series of points and rewards:

  1. A51 points
  2. ETH staking yield
  3. Restaking yield
  4. Points from the LRT protocol (in our case, it’s Etherfi)
  5. EigenLayer points

Moon Rock Hunt (Gearing Up for the A51 Airdrop)

We are ready to kick off the third phase of the Moon Rock Hunt program. It was initiated in March along with the A51 app mainnet beta launch. Each phase has different point emission criteria with the number of points reducing in each phase.

Users can earn points by:

  1. Creating and managing an LP strategy
  2. Adding liquidity
  3. Referring A51 to friends

The points collected by the users are displayed on the leaderboard on the A51 app. These points will be converted to an A51 Airdrop scheduled in Q3 2024.



A51 Finance

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