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3 min readMar 27, 2024


The A51 mainnet beta app went live on 16 March. Since then, the A51 team has been working hard to fix the bugs highlighted by the community to provide the best experience to our users.

With a lot of app updates going live today, here are the most prominent ones that you should look out for:

LRT Vaults

The Strategies tab leads to all the strategies created by the Explorers. However, there are special vaults called LRT vaults. When you add liquidity to an LRT vault, your points stack and you earn through various sources. For details, read this.
So, to make these vaults stand out from the crowd, they are highlighted:

A51 Strategies

Previously, the strategies created and managed by A51 were hard to find. Now, you can easily segregate them from the rest through the A51 symbol displayed on each A51-managed vault like this:

Referral Codes

Through the Moon Rock Hunt, you collect points by adding liquidity, creating and managing strategies, and referring A51 to your friends. Once you perform any of these actions, you receive 5 referral codes. To see the codes, you can click on the Codes button at the top of the page:

You can view your referral codes in the wallet side panel from where you can copy them one by one and share them with your friends.

To redeem the referral code, head over to a strategy/vault to which you want to add liquidity. You can redeem your code here:


The Profit and Loss of the last 24 hours for all the strategies are now visible on the leaderboard. This would help users compare and decide which pools are more profitable.

Users can also sort the PnL in ascending and descending order.

Combined TVL

The consolidated TVL of V2 and V3 of the A51 app is now displayed on the Strategies page.

The A51 app is continuously been worked on to fix the bugs and make the app as user-friendly as possible. The feedback we gather from our community and users helps us improve the experience of using the A51 app. We will keep sharing more such updates and fixes in the future.



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